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Real Estate Funding Solutions 

Welcome!!! We provide quick and affordable financial solutions for our clients for both residential and commercial properties. The best way to reach me, Rick Tobin (Broker/Owner), is by email ( or by phone: (760) 485 - 2422. Please note that three similar website domain names are associated with this blog site and owned by our same group:; and

Online and paperless loan applications and fundings: We have the ability to email you links to online applications that can be automated and underwritten for quicker approvals without any paper copies (W-2, tax returns, bank statements, mortgage records, etc.). Our financial partners' underwriters can obtain your records electronically within minutes in many cases. So, you can apply for a mortgage, get approved, and sign the loan documents all in the comfort of your home. We've provided the online loan application link below as well. 

Residential Loan Products

Our financing options currently available and subject to change for owner-occupied and non-owner occupied residential (one-to-four unit) properties include:

* 30-year fixed
* 15-year fixed
* FHA loans
* VA loans - No money down up to $1.5 million (purchase & cash out refi to 100% LTV)
* Hybrid loans: 3/1, 5/1, 7/1, and 10/1 (3 to 10-year fixed)
* Interest-only loans for lower monthly payments 
* Lower FICO credit score programs at exceptional rates
* Incredibly affordable debt consolidation loans
* Stated income loans (qualify off of bank deposits or P&L statements)
* Cash out loans up to very high LTV (loan-to-value) ratios with or without income verification
* Very flexible DTI (debt-to-income) ratio allowances up to 60%
* Reverse Mortgages (a mortgage and insurance hybrid with no monthly payments) 
* Credit lines (owner-occupied, 2nd homes, and rental properties)

Our Solid Financial Partners 

My main financial partners for residential (one-to-four unit) mortgage loans include the largest wholesale (loans through brokers) and retail (loans direct to consumers) mortgage lenders in America who funded over $300 billion dollars in mortgage loans combined in 2019 alone. If my experienced team can't quickly approve and fund your loan request, then it probably can't be funded.

Not only do we offer incredibly competitive and low rates, the typical closing time averaged just 15 days as of the second quarter of 2020. Our e-closing company that we have access to for the absolute quickest digital closings handled over 96% of all e-closings nationwide in 2019.

You will not find better rates, lower fees, or quicker closing options than what my team of associates offers to our clients and real estate licensees. Once you get a price quote and time estimate to close from us, please go compare with any other mortgage lender.

To learn more about the incredible benefits associated with VA and FHA mortgage loans and ongoing interest rate and home price swings, please read my articles that were recently published which include:
VA and FHA Mortgages & The Housing Boom (Part I) 
 VA and FHA Mortgages & The Housing Boom (Part II)
Interest Rate and Home Price Swings 

Attention Real Estate Licensees: 
We offer mortgage loan flyer creations for your listed properties in certain regions. To learn more details, please send me your listing terms and we'll create a professional flyer that lists one or more potential mortgage loan options for your specific property listing that may help you sell your listings faster.

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